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Satin Cats Close 2

Satin Cats

Sometimes a customer sends you a project and you just think: “what am I going to do with this?” When I opened the box and saw Satin Cats, I had that type of moment. All the fabric was shiny, slippery satin. The top was satin and the backing was satin. It was absolutely beautiful.

Little Boy Diamonds

Little Boy Diamonds

Throughout the year, I donate my time and talent to help local quilt guilds. Little Boy Diamonds is a sweet little donation baby quilt that has so much personality. I love the fabrics and colors both.

Shadow Wolf

Shadow Wolf

I love to give special gifts. This quilt, Shadow Wolf, was for a wonderful couple. They do so much work each year with our Texas Renaissance Festival Clan. From setting up our site to making amazing meals, they work so hard.

Debbie E Mystery Quilt 2023

JCQG Mystery Quilts 2023

I was going to do these as separate posts. Then I thought it would be fun to see all the JCQG Mystery Quilts 2023 that I quilted this year in one place.


Glenda’s Birthday

One of my favorite colors is Teal. It goes without saying that I was happy to finish Glenda’s Birthday Quilt! So many beautiful fabrics to view as the quilting moved along.

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