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Scully T Shirt Quilt

Fab 5 T-Shirt Quilt

This year I have been honored to be part of so many family memories. The Fab 5 T-Shirt Quilt is full of special memories.

Princess Quilt 2022

Princess Quilt 2022

Yay! A baby Quilt! Princess Quilt 2022 was pretty specific. Grandpa needed a quilt that spoke to his new special person.

Ashley's Easter dresses

Easter Dresses

Now this is an interesting project. Easter dresses was created from… Easter Dresses! Grandma brought pre-cut blocks in from her grand daughter’s dresses.

Chandelier Quilt


  • Quilting

Sometimes the most beautiful quilts are those that are the most simple. Chandelier showcases amazing fabrics in just the right way.

Vintage Geese

Vintage Geese

Vintage fabrics are so pretty. Vintage Geese has a pattern full of movement that shows off all these pretty fabrics.