Long Arm Quilting Services

Our long-arm quilting services are performed on a state of the art, computerized long arm quilting machine.  We are able to accommodate a 120×120 quilt for edge to edge quilting.


If you have researched long-arm quilting pricing, you probably have come across some long, convoluted pricing structures.  To be honest, I just don’t have time for all that – I would rather be quilting!  Because of this, I provide some basic styles and simple pricing.  My quilting services are geared at folks like me – those who love to quilt and want a beautiful, functional finished product and don’t go overboard.

With this in mind, while I can and do provide full custom quilting, the majority of quilts I do are edge to edge and all over designs.  Custom quilting is quoted on a case-by-case basis.

Also, I do not square quilts – each quilt (and backing) should be squared prior to sending it in.

So, below you will find some basic, simple pricing examples that I hope make this process stress-free.

Minimum Charge

I charge a minimum of $35.00 per quilt

All-Over Meander or ditch

0.015 per square inch – this is a large all-over meander stippling design that secures your work without detracting from your piecing or fabric choices. If you choose stitch in ditch, the pricing is the same.  For tight piecing, not all seams will be stitched.

Edge to Edge Quilting Prices

0.016 per square inch for most quilts – very large or very dense quilting will be 0.016 – 0.020

Thread Charge

I do not charge extra for thread; however, insist on two things 

  1. The thread color on top is the same as the bottom (there are some exceptions to this rule) and
  2. Only Superior Thread be used.  This is because I know which thread works best in my machine and I don’t dink around using others and risk poor results.

Specialty Quilting

Pricing provided on a case-by-case basis. Custom quilting prices start at 0.030


80/20: $.025 linear Inch off the roll (96″ wide)


.30 linear inch (2XL + 2XW) – this is for machine sewing to the front and hand sewing down to the back  **you provide the prepared binding fabric.

Prep Work

For an additional fee we will check seams, press and trim threads – this charge depends on the size of the quilt

So, what does this all mean? – an example of the costs you could incur for quilting are:

78″x87″ quilt = 6,786 square inches x .016 for edge to edge quilting = $108.58 

156 + 174 = 330 linear inches x .30 for binding = $99.00

Batting (add 6″ total)  84″ x $.025  = $21.00

TOTAL quilting, batting and binding (tax and shipping not included = $228.58

Additional Charges: The prices above are for quilts that come to me ready to quilt and will not require additional preparation to begin the process.  If I find that a quilt is very wonky, has excessive threads, open seams or is otherwise unfit to quilt, I will contact you and we can discuss what can be done to provide the beautiful finished product you expect.  I will never, ever take it upon myself to work on your quilt without your permission.


If you are interested in sending me a quilt to be quilted, feel free to contact me by phone or email  and we can discuss the type of quilting you would like done to finish your quilt. If you want an overall design you can choose one from the Quilting Patterns page, or I can send you samples by e-mail of different quilting designs, after we discuss what you might be interested in. You will know the total quilting cost before I begin work on your quilt.

Please request a copy of our Long Arm Order form via email: robyn@gotch.co

Shipping Charges: The shipping charges depend on the type of service you request.  When at all possible, flat rate shipping is used.

   Payment Options:

  • Check or money order
  • Major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover)
  • Debit card
  • Paypal

I require a 25% deposit before beginning your work. You can send a check or pay by credit/debit card (I can send an invoice for you to pay via email or you can provide your information by phone). The balance due can be paid by check or credit card at the time the quilt is completed (a 7 day waiting period is required for a check to clear before I can mail your quilt to you).  Thank you for your business and I look forward to finishing your quilt for you! — Robyn

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