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I have spent many years sewing and quilting for myself.  I now offer these same services to the public. Because I am a quilter myself, your projects will receive the same care and respect that I do my own. Gotch Enterprises sets a standard of quality.
Much time and effort (some blood, sweat and tears as well) go into each quilt, but above all that, there is much love. It is this love of quilting and sewing that makes my job so amazing every day.
Our goal is to present information on our products and services. Through our social media platform, we enlighten and entertain.
You will find many showcased projects in our Blog.
I look forward to working with you – Robyn Gotch
Marine Life Close 1
Mardi Gras close 2

Long-Arm Quilting

Having your quilt finished on a long arm is the icing on the cake!  Find out more about how you can finish your next masterpiece with long arm quilting.

Quilt Creation

Just because you do not quilt, isn’t a reason never to have one of your own.  Give me a call and we can discuss your vision and make it come to life!

"My happy time is spent sewing. Let me help your projects come to life!"
Robyn Gotch and Lulu
Robyn Gotch

Presentations and Trunk Shows

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