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Shipping your Quilt

Shipping Information

Shipping your quilt to our shop

I recommend shipping in a box wider &/or longer than a shoebox so it will NOT fit in a standard mailbox AND WILL be SAFELY delivered to my door. These work best.


Free Priority boxes (you most likely don’t need flat rate) are available at the post office.

Bags tear easily and get stuffed into the mailbox. Boxes with a lot of vacant air space inside get crushed &/or torn.


Wrap your items in plastic of some sort to protect them in case the package gets torn. Err on the side of caution!! I always do.

Shipping your quilt back to you

If you take advantage of purchasing batting from Gotch Enterprises, your return package will be larger than the one you originally sent.  Unless you request otherwise, I ship all packages Priority Mail with tracking.



Insurance – please indicate the amount of insurance you require for the return of your quilt.  *knock on wood* this has never been necessary, but there is always a first time.


If you live close, I recommend picking up your quilt, but if it must be shipped, please provide a good home address and email so you can receive updates.

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