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Long Arm Quilting

Debbie E Mystery Quilt 2023

JCQG Mystery Quilts 2023

I was going to do these as separate posts. Then I thought it would be fun to see all the JCQG Mystery Quilts 2023 that I quilted this year in one place.


Glenda’s Birthday

One of my favorite colors is Teal. It goes without saying that I was happy to finish Glenda’s Birthday Quilt! So many beautiful fabrics to view as the quilting moved along.

Aunt Rae's Quilt

Aunt Rae’s Quilt

  • Vintage

Today’s blog features another quilt with much history. Aunt Rae’s Quilt is very old and was also incomplete.

Grandmother's Stars

Grandmother’s Stars

I seems that client quilts run in streaks. For a time, I was doing nothing but T-shirt quilts. Grandmother’s Stars started a trend of quilting vintage pieces.

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