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A Note about Garments: I wanted to take a moment to clarify something that may be important to some of you.  When it comes to renaissance fair garb there are sometimes two trains of thought.  First are those who strive for historical accuracy, the second are those who want to look amazing for themselves and for others to enjoy.  I prescribe to the latter.  


My creations are one of a kind and include design elements that I feel “could” have been employed but were not documented across these time periods.  Of course, when it comes to fantasy anything goes!

Become the Fantasy!

-Custom Renaissance Garb-

Each garment is unique and special, whether it was premade, or made specifically for you.

It’s all in the details!

What's so special about my clothing?

  • I do not buy in bulk so my garments/costumes are one-of-a-kind.  Sometimes I may have enough fabric to make other garments, but you will never see exactly the same garment repeated.
  • My fabric choices and designs are not found online or in Faire shops, you will be unique.
  • Every aspect is hand-made with love and care.  I do not rush my projects and it shows in the finished garment.
  • Many of the leather items (cloak clasps, etc.) are hand made as well and of custom design.  These may also be made available for sale separately in the future.
  • Whenever possible, I also craft the jewelry and accessories to match perfectly
  • All beading and trim work is unique and crafted to compliment the garment.
  • Price quotes are available upon request and I do have gowns available to purchase from time to time.

Do you have questions?

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