Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Mixed Media:

Quilts tops created with mixed-media (fabrics other than quilting cotton) may seem like a great idea at the time, but can cause issues for a long arm quilter.  If you have a quilt top that utilizes a variety of fabric types with different weights, stretches, density and the like, please let me know ahead of time and we can discuss your project.


Because I know what works best with my machine, I reserve the right to use only my own brand of thread.  This does not mean that you will not have the choice of color; however, if you want to match a specific piece of fabric, you may want me to choose for you as I will have the sample fabric and thread in the shop.  Of course, if you are close enough to visit, you can do this yourself too!




While I will use your batting (with some exceptions) I also offer good quality batting as well for my customers.  Please remember that there is a difference between a quilt and a comforter.  The higher the loft, the less effective quilting can become.  Extra poufy batting is notorious for quilting that results in pleats and puckers.

Completion Schedule:

I am a stickler for getting things finished.  The only UFO’s I have are those that have resulted in a customer’s project coming first.  If I give you a date, I will stand by it and you will have your quilt in hand and in time. **Many of my customers will also say that I am quicker than they thought, so don’t be surprised if I am ahead of schedule.

Extra Charges:

I do not charge extra for:

·         Thread
·         Patterns
·         Setup
·         Consultation
·         Updates – if you want to know how things are going,  just ask!  I can be reached via phone, email or on Facebook.

Squaring Your Quilt-Lets Be Real:

Yes, this has been covered in the Prep section; but I wanted to mention once again how important it is that you have done this final step before sending your quilt to anyone for quilting.  The quality of the quilt makes an enormous impact on how well it will quilt out and finish in the end.

**NOTE, proper installation of borders can make all the difference in how well a quilt sews out.

On the other hand – early on, most of my quilts were lacking in one respect or the other (ok, lets admit it- sometimes they still are!).  Because of this, the quilting did end up with a few puckers here and there, but that was ok.  Once washed, most of those little elements disappear and are never remembered.  I guess my point is that a quilt is love and warmth and personal but seldom perfect to the ruler’s eye.

Quilting Designs:

While we provide a good selection of all-over quilting designs, you may also have something specific in mind. Feel free to call and discuss what you are looking for.  Our collection of designs can be found here:  Quilting Designs



Quilt Disclaimer

There is nothing perfect in this world. I have done many quilts over the years and have many satisfied customers. By sending us your quilt you are putting your faith and judgment in us that we are going to provide you the best service possible. If there are issues with the quilt I will contact you before the quilting process begins. If there are issues during the process I will do my very best to correct the issue and to make it right. Please make sure that your quilt top is squared up before sending it and it lies flat so we don’t have to deal with ruffled or wonky fabric towards the end of the quilting process. By sending your quilt, you agree that you have read and understand that we will do the very best we can to provide you with a quality quilt job but things do happen from time to time.



I do not make “to order” products as a general rule, instead, I try to make garments that have a wide appeal to suit many different tastes. If you don’t see something you like now – maybe there is a great item for you in the future.  Like my Facebook page to get instant updates when new garments are posted for sale.


Also, most of the garments I make are one-of-a-kind or few-of-a-kind.  I do not purchase the same fabric over and over, and never in enormous quantities.  This allows the purchaser to have something that they will not generally find through local online channels or Ren-Faire vendors.


When all else fails, ASK!  I am happy to assist with any questions or concerns you may have.  As you probably already know, sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and from pattern to pattern, so if you need measurements that are not otherwise noted, just give me a holler.