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You Are Loved

Recently, a lovely lady brought me the most adorable project to long arm. You are loved is a sweet baby quilt that will melt your heart! I know that it melted mine. I am seriously considering getting this panel to make for my own grand daughter.

You Are Loved

This baby quilt began with a cute panel. An adorable panel was cut apart and rearranged, then coordinating fabric added in. I love this quilt because the animals are the real star of this show!

Adorable babies with their moms and dads will delight this lucky little baby girl for a very, very long time! There is something calming about these sweet critters, the more I explored the different images, the more I wanted one for myself!

Isn’t this little giraffe just the cutest thing?!!

E2E Quilting Pattern

The Edge to Edge pattern chosen had to include hearts. The hearts dance across the surface of the quilt. This pattern can be a bit dense which was not desired in this case. The creator wanted the pattern larger. To accomplish this, I opened it up to let the loft work it’s magic for the ultimate in baby comfort.

I truly love this pattern. It seems to dance across the fabric and creates lovely texture. This pattern is not as simple as many but is good for both large and small projects. Another reason to love Smitten is the way it moves up and down instead of straight across the quilt.

Edge to Edge Pattern

Smitten is such a cute pattern and a perfect match for this quilt.. Even from the back, you could see how sweet the quilting looks.

I have limited Heart patterns so I searched around and found Dear Heart.. I like this one very much and I hope you do too.

Dear Heart

Dear Heart is a light and airy heart pattern. I can see this being used on many baby quilts to come and some other sizes too! I am not sure which is my favorite – Smitten or Dear Heart.

You are loved isn’t the only baby quit I have worked on

Haven’t had enough of baby quilts yet? Here are some from previous years that you may enjoy checking out. Are baby quilts your favorite to make? Do you make more smaller or larger quilts?

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