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Why do I use Social Networking?

I would imagine that almost every person who utilizes the internet and social networking will at some point in time wonder why they do so. I have thought often why I have chosen to join the revolution myself.

For me, Facebook presents opportunities for communication, enlightenment and personal presentation. I can populate my Facebook with organizations and elements that I would like to follow on a daily basis.  I receive information about political candidates both local and national, show activity from my favorite horse organizations and even specials announcements for vendors when something is on sale.  Of course, there is also the opportunity to keep in touch with friends and family that I was not able to do before.

Overall, there must be some value in social networking; otherwise, it would be foolish to risk the damage that can be done under certain circumstances.


I have personally heard horror stories about potential employers catching wind of Facebook activity resulting in a not-so shining opinion of a potential employee.  There is also no doubt that Facebook can be a brain-drain, drama polluting, time-wasting element in a person’s life that can present more negatives than positives – if not handled correctly.  So why do I spend time on Facebook?

The answer is simple – no matter what the venue, the moment we present ourselves in public, we are at risk. As long as I feel the benefits outweigh the inherent risks, I will move forward.  So what benefits do I gain from reading Facebook and participating in the culture?  As I said above, I am able to keep in touch and take advantage of opportunities, but after thinking about this more, there are other benefits as well.

Have you ever seen a person post and simply NOT agree?  Do you contemplate removing them, or do so just because of this fact?  This scenario represents an amazing side-benefit in perspective that I have begun to acknowledge.

Reading posts of friends and friends-of-friends can provide for an enlightening opportunity much like visiting a dinner party and listening to different viewpoints in conversation. If all we did was listen to posts about familiar subjects or viewpoints that mirror our own; what would be the point? So, if someone posts a position regarding religion, politics, social activities or whatever, it may be best to try to see their point of view before dismissing them. You do not have to agree to gain some insight and perspective.  In the end, I tend to think these opportunities can help to make me a better person.

WOW Facebook may actually have a GOOD side!

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