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Well Met Banner

Well Met Banner

Next up in my wall-hanging series is Well Met Banner. This one is very special, especially right now as we are all shelter in place. During this time of year – April through May, hubby and I would be at Scarborough Renaissance Faire every weekend. Alas, it was canceled.

Well Met Banner
Black Surcoat


The inspiration for Well Met Banner comes in the form of a gift from my friend, Margret. Last year she gifted me with the panel that is the focal point of the quilt.

The banner with a stone-type border was the perfect center size for a wall-hanging/banner. It really does look pretty with the stone and flowers.

Applique Design

After I decided on the large brown borders, I felt that some applique would be a perfect addition. Being that this is all about knights and castles, I felt that WELL MET! (or welcome) would be perfect thing to add. Then I realized that there was another section that could use some love. Mae Govannen means “Well Met” in Elvish. Perfect!

Yes, I have been dabbling in needle-turn applique lately, but with these fonts and because it would be outdoors, I decided to do raw edge.


All the quilting on this banner is custom. I am actually very happy with the results, except they do not show up well from the front. I created two birch trees that go from the bottom left to the top as well as a banner that mimics the banners in the castle going down the right side. In between, I used the design to quilt over for effect.

This view from behind does show things a tad better.

Custom quilting from the back


Like my other banner quilts, this one looks very nice on both the front of the house as well as inside on the wall.

What’s next????

I got a cow!!! We added sweet Miss Daisy (long horn) to our pasture to be a friend to Rusty, our horse. The next banner will be a nod to Texas and the Long Horn!

MIss Daisy

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