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We the People

We the People

We the People is a patriotic quilt created around a beautiful panel. I usually don’t like to use kits, patterns or other non-custom elements, but sometimes the artwork of others just speaks to me. Creating the rest of this quilt was so much fun, and gave me something interesting to work on while at a retreat at Broken K outside of Cleburne, TX and just a couple miles from my home.

We the People

Starting with a Panel

As with any project, you have to have a starting place. In this situation, my start was this amazing panel “We the People” that I found at the Dallas Quilt show.

The next image is the design inspiration. I did take creative license on some elements, and really love how it all turned out.

Choosing Fabrics

I love to collect theme fabrics, and patriotic is my favorite. Because I use comic book cards to store my treasures, it is easy to bring them down and audition them together.

These fabrics include a mixture of vintage and contemporary that I felt really worked well together.

Let the Piecing Begin!

Custom Quilting

I never considered a panel-inspired quilt to be a candidate for custom long-arm quilting, but this quilt turned out to be an exception.

Echo quilting around the applique stars
Custom quilted elements that fit the spaces
The back shows custom quilting that the front hides

I also had some help

Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. My best helper is Princess LuLu Bear – at least she thinks she is helping!

Who is your favorite helper?

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