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Vintage Treasures

Vintage Patterns Costume

A friend of mine messaged me the other day. She said that she had been at an auction and among her boxes were some vintage treasures.

She said that there were some patterns, some ribbon and a mannequin cover. When she asked if I wanted them, I said YES!

Sixty Year Old Mannequin Cover

60's mannequin Cover
The first vintage treasure I unpacked was an amazing mannequin cover. Based on the age of the other items in the box and the price, I am guessing this is between 50 and 60 years old.
The stretch fabric was pristine; but, the top and bottom elastic crackled. Luckily, when I put it on one of my less sturdy dress forms it fit well.
What I really loved was the price – After Reduction!

Vintage Treasures - Patterns

There were two boxes of patterns, but when I started looking through them I first found two treasures.

The first amazing find was a letter written in what looks like 1957. It contained a hand-made paper pattern for a men’s Christmas vest.

Vintage Vest Pattern
Idaho Bean Bat

The second unique item was a letter from the Idaho Bean Commission. It contains a Beanie The Clown pattern. This letter was dated November 27, 1963.

Vintage Patterns

As I said, there were also two boxes of vintage patterns, as pictured below. Thse were all dated in the 1950’s.

Vintage Patterns Costume

Antique Alley 2020

Antique Alley Texas is my usual venue for finding vintage treasures. This event occurs both spring and fall and I can almost walk to one of the biggest “shows”. Because of COVID, the Spring event canceled. It does look like the one in the third week of September 2020 will happen!
Below are some links to past years.
I just realized that I have not showcased Antique Alley since 2018. This year will have to fix that!

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