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UW Stout Graduation – 2012

Almost two years ago, I was sitting among a large group of graduates at the University of Wisconsin Superior getting ready to receive my college degree. I never dreamed that in my 40’s I would take the plunge and go to college to get a Bachelor’s degree in Communication. I was so proud, a bit teary eyed and then something happened.

I looked at the next tiny group marching up the stairs to receive their diplomas and noticed that there was something different about them. Their

gowns had additional elements to their sleeves and they carried over their arm a multi-colored hood.  But what was more striking was that this group of men and women marched forward with more of a purpose – their strides and presence conveyed a sense of confidence that spoke volumes.  At that moment, I just knew that I had to become one of them. These were graduate students.

So, here I am – graduating from the University of Wisconsin- Stout with a Master’s Degree in Technical and Professional Communications.  Can you tell from the pictures that same additional confidence and purpose?  I can!  Having my friends and family around me only made this day all the more wonderful. With this being said, I just cannot thank my family enough for their support over the last seven years.  It takes a special husband to tackle the extra duties that I could not and to share me with classmates, professors and books. The support I received from both my husband and daughter made it possible for me to attend school full time while working and trying to have a family life.

What happens now is really another great adventure.  I will continue to work hard and love my family; however, now I am set on a new road of discovery and excitement.

I plan to write – a lot!  I also intend to take a bit of time to relax, read a book and not write a paper on it and reflect just how amazing this entire process truly has been. I just can’t wait to see what happens next!

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