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Urban Elementz Sale

It's time for the Urban Elementz Semi-Annual Sale

Urban Elementz

NOW – November 6th

Many of you know that Urban Elementz is my go-to place for edge to edge quilting patterns, but did you also know what else they sell?

Quilting Panels

Orchid Panel

Dream Big – Panel – Orchid, a Hoffman Spectrum Print is only one of the many different quiltable panels you can find for sale.  The color selection is amazing!

Applique Elementz

Lazer cut Applique

Applique Elementz will adhere to fabric, wood, paper, metal, canvas, and more; giving your projects endless possibilities! The applique pieces are completely repositionable! They temporarily adhere to your project until you press with an iron.

All you do is PEEL, PLACE, and PRESS to make quick and easy projects that look like you spent hours to create.

Tattoo Elementz

Tattoo Elementz

Decorative contour cut decals (the same type that go on your car/motorcycle/bicycle) for sewing machines, long-arms, electronics, and more!

These rub-on decals are available on either a clear (for white or light color items) or a white (for dark color items) vinyl background.

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