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Travel Quilt

A quilt does not have to include lots of piecing to be fantastic. Travel Quilt came to life using an amazing center panel. It would have been terrible to cut it all apart, I am glad Debbie left it as it is.

Travel Quilt

I fell in love with Travel Quilt because we have owned campers for years and enjoy our State Parks so much. As I quilted this beauty, I was mapping out some future travels.

E2E Quilting

One of Debbie’s favorite E2E patterns is Double Dutch.

Double Dutch e23

The texture and movement this pattern provides are mesmerizing. View the actual quilting below and some still close images of the design as well.

Travel quilt close 1
Travel quilt close 3
travel quilt close 2

It is also interesting how a backing fabric can affect the look of quilting. For all the movement and texture in this design, from the back, it is hard to even see!

travel quilt back

Final Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: Travel Quilt
Size: 78 x 57
Quilt Pattern: Double Dutch
Thread: 27500 Wheat Glide
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