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This is Your Life

This is your life

Sometimes a customer presents a real challenge. This is Your Life challenged me in so many ways!

This is your life

The This is Your Life Quilt represents just about all the elements you can find in a quilt. From applique, to embellishments, this one has it all! You will find patches, beads, pieces of lace not to mention T-shirts and regular clothing.

When all these elements are put together, there is a lot to consider when quilting.

Stefany - your wings were ready but our hearts were not

This quilt is so special in so many ways. As a gift for a young man to commemorate many life events, it is also remembers a loved one who passed away. It was an honor to work on this gift of love.

Memory Block
Teddy Bear Block

Gold thread worked so well with every single block of this quilt.

The back also held some unexpected beauty.

Have you ever created a Memory Quilt?

So, what do you think?

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