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Thankful Banner

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Thankful Banner

The next banner quilt I chose to create focused on the holidays. Thankful Banner began with a word –  “Thankful”. Now, more than ever, it is important to remember to be thankful.


Many banner quilts I have created either start with a blank rectangle center or a panel. This one has a blank center, but the blocks I chose to make an irregular internal shape. This allowed for many cute elements such as leaves, pumpkins, and acorns.

Thankful Layout
I chose fabrics in my regular format for applique. I dove into my bag-o-scraps until I found the fabrics I liked. The center fabrics came from my guild Mystery Quilt – I really need to replace it so I have enough for that project also.
I especially love the plaid for the pumpkins!
Thankful Banner Close

Long-Arm Quilting

I chose to do all custom quilting for this project. Thankful Banner had so many fun sections. These were perfect candidates for custom work.
One of my favorites is the Poofy Turkeys. These are randomly placed within the hand-guided sections.  The batting used was a super high loft poly that was a gift from a friend.  Just like Dr. Covid Banner, this one has a trapunto look.
Thankful Quilting

This project, like many of my banner quilts, was so fun. The ability to create projects for holidays and then share them with the world as they drive by is amazing! I hope that others appreciate the need to be Thankful as I do when they drive by.

Thankful Banner

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