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Texas Strip Quilt

What a fun quilt! I call this one the Texas Strip Quilt for obvious reasons, but the real star (get the pun?) is the fabrics.

Texas Strip

In one way or another, each fabric represents the great state of Texas. From blue bells, to cowboy boots and the Texas Flag to names of some amazing cities, these fabrics are a joy.

Texas Strip Quilt Back

The customer who created this beauty picked the perfect elements, even for the back!

Texas Strip Back

Edge to Edge – Longhorn.

So, what design should I use for this Texas Quilt? Longhorn, of course! This is another great Urban Elementz design.

Check out our Edge to Edge Design page to see our entire collection, including new designs added regularly!

Long Horn E2E

I love how the State of Texas, cowboy hat and long horn create a very Texas motif.

Daisy would approve!

Miss Daisy

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