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Texas Gardens – 2020

Many folks don’t know this, but in Wisconsin, I was a Master Gardener. In Texas, the process of cultivating my green thumb has been slow going. Here is a look at my Texas Gardens – 2020. (and a bit of what I left behind in Wisconsin).

For years, I created perennial gardens, planted trees and added the color of annuals in the “one” growing season I was afforded up north. Not sure I have come to terms with the “two” seasons in Texas.

Wisconsin Gardens

Below are a few images that represent some of the flowers I grew in Wisconsin, unfortunately, the pictures of my “walking garden” are a bit washed out.

The Walking Garden

I called this my Walking Garden because it was a shade garden that began at the front of the home and wandered around the back of the garage and back out again. This area was totally reclaimed by hand, with great effort. The beds were made from rocks that erupted each year with Spring. These flat rocks came from an ancient Primordial lake bed that had once resided on the property.

Perennials came up every Spring

Texas Gardening

Things change – and that is ok! In my journey to garden down south, there have been some starts and stops, but overall, I have learned and found ways to add color and nature to our home. Here is a look at Texas Gardens – 2020.

The first thing I had to try was CACTUS! I bought a small one at our local flea market and today it is on its way to glorious

The other success I have had is with pots. I have found that by having large, deep pots, the moisture lasts much longer. As you can see, I have many great flowers to enjoy this season, I am very excited.


Finally, I love hardscape elements. Because our property is built on clay and I do not have the rocks erupting each Spring, I have introduced other statuary elements.

I adore our dragon statues and even added a fountain with flower bed to the front alcove. I get to look out my kitchen window and enjoy this element every day. You can also see that I painted all these elements to match and compliment our Austin Stone and red brick home.

We bought this fountain in 2018 at the local Antique Alley Shows. I painted it right away but added the flower bed last year.

I can’t wait to see what we can add this season! If you want to learn more about my fountain- check out this prior post:

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