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Teal Daisies

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When the wind is blowing and it is cold outside, a pretty spring quilt is even warmer. Teal Daisies is such a quilt.

This quilt was based on a mystery quilt from a couple years ago. I just love this color rendition.
Kalnins Daisy Fields

Of course, teal is a favorite color of mine

E2E Quilting

This quilt’s name comes from the e2e pattern chosen. DBD Daisies is a bright and happy design and covers the quilt nicely.

Dainty Lady Floral

A closer look at this quilt shows the teal and even a lime green with the daisies dancing across.

Kalnins Daisy Fields Close

I never tire of this E2E Design.

Quilt Back

When I quilt solid fabrics, the design really pops. As you can see by the image below, there are daisies everywhere!

Kalnins Daisy Fields Back

Teal daisies brightened my day and made the cold outside seem not so bad.

Final Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: Teal Daisies
Size: 70 x 53
Quilt Pattern: DBD Daisies
Thread: Superior White Glide
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