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Summer Projects 2020

MCQG Mystery Quilt Block1

Usually, I blog about projects that have been completed – many of you know that I am not a fan of UFO’s. In this week’s post; however, the subject will be a variety of Summer Projects that are in the works.

Quilting Projects

JCQG Mystery Quilt

I am so excited to have received the final clue for our Johnson County Quilt Guild Mystery Quilt. As always, Donna Bardwell has provided a project that was fun to work on and has an amazing result. Below are a couple images of my progress, but I will keep the final quilt secret – until it is complete. Not to mention – I have/will be quilting a few for guild members so we can see just how our fabric choices compare.

I am so excited to share the final quilt. I chose some very traditional fabrics for this project and as many of you know, I am more about bright and/or dramatic projects.

Peace Tie’d

This Summer project has been on my mind for a VERY long time. You see, I have this amazing box of ties that was gifted to me almost 10 years ago. For all that time, I have gone back and forth trying to figure out how to incorporate them into a quilt. I saw all the traditional methods but finally have decided that this will be my first truly Modern quilt!

Peace tie'd 1

Free Patterns

As part of an overall upgrade to the resources that can be found on my page, I am adding more free patterns. Feel free to request your copy and check back often as I am working hard to put up patterns for many of the quilts I have created over the years.

Do you have a favorite that is not offered yet? Just give a holler so I can get it included for you.

Banner Quilts

The banner quilt project is still in full swing. I have a variety of ideas that will come to fruition soon:

  • Texas themed (with long horns, of course)
  • Christmas
  • Halloween
  • Patriotic – 4th of July – Memorial Day
  • Summer Sun and flowers
  • Thanksgiving
  • Covid remembrance (this one is going to be fun!)

The Covid banner will be my version of a quilt to commemorate the struggles we have been and are going through during this difficult time. I have an idea for an amazing applique quilt utilizing grunge/type fabrics in black and grays. I also know the focal figure, but will not let on about this just yet. All I can say is that it will fit right in with both my fair leanings and Halloween.

Sewing Projects

Protective Masks

The first project that is on my plate has been taking center stage, and that is protective masks.

Mask Basket

This addition to my projects was not planned. Instead, I started receiving so many requests via Facebook and LinkedIn that It was just easier to put up a page with options. Doing this to help protect friends and family does bring great joy, so I am glad I was asked to help.

Golden Court Dress

Golden Court Dress

Here is a little teaser image as I work on the overskirt for this beautiful gown. I am excited to finish this, but can’t share much until the final fitting 🙂

Child Scottish Dress

I have wanted to get a head start on some garb for our lovely little grand daughter, Hailey. I intend to design my own pattern so this should be fun! Here is an idea of the dress I am envisioning.

Girl's Scottish Tartan Dress - MCI-243 by Medieval and Renaissance ...

Other Garb

I also have on my list:

  • New red shirt for hubby
  • Green Court Dress
  • Purple Court Dress and matching Doublet
  • Tabbards/Tunics
  • Chemise
  • Court Blouses

What projects are you working on?

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