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Star in a Star Table Topper

It may seem that I tackle projects one by one, but in reality, there a few I hesitate to complete. The star in a star table topper is one of those.
Star in a star table topper

The reason for this is that this project has many new challenges for me. The first challenge is to create my own paper pieced pattern. I fell in love with one online, but when I printed it out and attempted to recreate it, there was a disaster.

Star in a star Table topper block 1
The end result looked like a Picasso!
So, I watched a few videos and while they were very basic, they inspired me to take a slow and steady approach. I created the design I wanted. This did take a while and I did many test pieces until I was understanding the underlying principles.
I was very happy with the finished block
Star in a star Table topper block 2
Note that my block is not 100% symetrical to eachother. I mean that the points do not touch when blocks connect. I was good with this because it makes a much more interesting layout. Creating a symetrical pattern is next on my list.
The next part of the layout was adding the next round of diamond blocks. This was much easier than I thought. I only had to trace the star block and use that as a template. After that, I added a border. Now the top was complete.

Custom Quilting

I started out thinking I could skew a square block to use in the negative space. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one that ended up as I wanted it.
This was ok because I love to do free motion quilting. It is difficult to see the feather work in the negative space on camera, but the start motif on the dark blue is clear.
Star in a star table topper close
Star in a star table topper middle

For the quilting I used Bright White Glide throughout. I love how the design pops in the middle.

Quilt Back

As a table topper, it is always good to have a back that can act as the front as well to provide a new design. The Christmas ornament backing fabric looks great too.

Star in a star table topper back
The next project is a Tree skirt!


Final Quilt Stats

Size: Hexagon 33 x 33
Quilting Pattern: Custom
Thread: Super White Glide
Batting: Warm and Natural 80/20
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