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Spring Break – Renaissance Style

For many that know me, this post will not come as a surprise.  Each year from the beginning of April through May, my family and I spend a great deal of time at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival. Spring is time to break out the cloak and brave even the coolest mornings

Scarborough Renaissance Festival 2017 Week One Sunday by Bonnie Charles

Time to switch from quilting to sewing:

Each spring, I switch my focus from quilting to creating garb. Garb refers to the many period garments that serious folks wear at Renaissance Fairs. Over the years, I have sewn many of my own cloaks, dresses, jackets and associated elements. It seems that the spring is the best time for me to switch up my quilting for sewing.

Focus for Spring 2017 – The Cloak:

This year, I concentrated on an element of garb that we were sorely lacking – Cloaks.  In years past, at Scarborough, Sherwood Forest and even TRF (Texas Renaissance Festival), we have been plagued with soggy weather.  Staying warm and dry is important in the spring. The different weights and linings of cloaks helps keep us warm and dry. Below are a few cloaks that have been added to our closets.  Some of these cloaks are for sale or already sold:


We did a redesign of our website recently and actually added a section for clothing/costumes.  Feel free to check it out!  In the future, you will probably see a mixture of quilting and wearables. Let me know what you think.

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