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Spool Swap

I love block swaps and really wish I had taken part in this one. Spool Swap is so colorful and very appropriate for quilters.

Spool Swap Front

This is such a fun way to use up random fabrics. Or, take this opportunity to showcase some of your more interesting fabrics. It is up to you.

E2E Quilting

The minute I saw this quilt, I knew what the E2E design should be.

Edge to Edge Patterns

As this pattern dances across the quilt, it gives the impression of threads going from spool to spool. What a perfect choice!

Spool Swap Close 2
Spool Swap Close

Quilt Back

This is another quilt back that is anti-climactic. The fabric is beautiful and very appropriate for this quilt. It is also busy enough to hide most of the quilting. Sometimes this is OK.

Spool Swap Back

The texture will still add to this quilt but just not on camera.

Final Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: Spool Swap
Size: 56 x 64
Quilting Pattern: Seamless
Thread: Glide Cool Grey 3
Batting: Customer Provided Hobbs 80/20
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