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Southwest Airlines

Here is a new take on a T-Shirt quilt. All these shirts came from activities at Southwest Airlines. Lots of motion and color.

Southwest Airlines

This is the third quilt that was not stabilized. The size of it did contribute to the special care I provided while it was quilted. The differences in weight and stretchiness were multiplied due to the size.

E2E Quilting

Sometimes I will add a new E2E design to my listings when a specific need arises. In this instance, Airplane in the Clouds was a perfect fit.
Airplane in Clouds

I can see using this for a little boy’s quilt or something more masculine.

Southwest Airlines Close 2
Southwest Airlines Close 1

Quilt Back

The blue of the backing fabric was also used in the borders. Three borders in primary colors frame the front nicely. The blue backing is a bit mottled in color but shows off the white clouds and airplanes well.

Southwest Airlines Back

This is number 3 of 3 T-shirt quilts for one client. Each one is special and has so many memories.

Quilt Stats:

Quilt Name: Southwest Airlines
Quilt Size: 75×86
E2E Quilting Pattern: Airplane in the Clouds
Thread: White Glide
Batting: Customer Supplied 80/20
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