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Small Vintage Flowers

Small Vintage Flowers is the last top in this series and for this one particular client. So much more manageable than the Large version, I was so happy to see how it turned out..

This is such a fun quilt, full of unique fabrics and a design that just seems to take motion. The pieced blocks float on a blue background and can almost be seen sliding from left to right. Sometimes it takes finishing a quilt to see these unique elements.

Some Challenges

This quilt, now beautiful, was not without a few challenges. Because it was both hand-pieced and the top had been machine washed, there were issues with structure

Some stitches held up better than others after a machine washing

You can easily see how washing the top stressed the stitches and created lots of orphan strings. No matter how dank, smelly or musty a quilt top smells, please consult your long arm quilter before throwing it in the wash. Small vintage flowers survived, but a quilt top in lesser condition may not have.

Edge to Edge Quilting – Small Vintage Flowers

Seamless E2E pattern – a staple for vintage quilts
Edge to Edge Patterns

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