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Shabby Chic Christmas

Shabby Chic Presented
Like many of you, I try to make quilts for Christmas. Loving gifts from the heart are the best kind. When our DIL asked for a quilt for their bed, I was up for it! Shabby Chic Christmas was spawned from an image I found on the internet.
The beginnings of this was to talk to my son and ask what the decor of their bedroom was. Odd question, right? I knew that our DIL liked shabby chic but was not sure what colors she loved the most. As with many men, he was clueless – this is fact so no need to apologize.
He resorted to asking if she liked greys or browns better and browns it was.
The image above is from our local quilt guild show and tell.

E2E Quilting

This quilt did not ask for custom quilting, but it did need something special. Anyone who knows the Shabby Chic genre can agree that feathers are in! I looked long and hard and finally settled on Basic Curled Feather from Urban Elementz.

Basic Curled Feather
This design is nothing but basic, sorry if I disagree with the name. This feather nests lovely and provides dense cover. You will find this design in my specialty category on the website. While it does come at an added charge, it is well worth it for the right quilt.
Shabby Chic Christmas is a quilt for every season. Below is where I auditioned the design to see how it flowed with the on-point blocks. Check out this and others on my E2E Page.
Shabby Chic quilting idea

As soon as I saw it in rendition, I knew I had made the right decision. Below is the quilting up close.

Shabby Chic Close
Shabby Chic Close 2

Quilt Back

The texture on the back is elegant and you could use this as a refersible covering.

Shabby Chic Back

Shabby Chic Christmas is a very large quilt. The design is comforting and light. I would avoid drinking red wine in bed with this one, but other than that, it is perfect.

Final Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: Shabby Chic Christmas
Size: 95 x 105
Quilt Pattern: Basic Curled Feather
Thread: Linen Glide
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