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Scrappy Log Cabin

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Scrappy Log Cabin is another of the five vintage quilts I was honored to finish for a sweet lady. This quilt is everything you would look for in a vintage quilt. It has color, textures and hand quilting that withstood even a trip through the wash as a top before being quilted.

Scrappy Log Cabin


This quilt is scrappy to the Nth degree. Random colors, textures and yes – Fabrics! The only non-random element is a cute red square in each block.

Any of you that have worked with various different fabrics in one quilt know just how challenging it can be. Luckily – this quilt went on and off the long arm quite easily. I had some issues with the fabric wanting to stretch due to some of the content, but with a little smoothing along the way, everything turned out nice and flat.

Lots of scrappy fabrics!

Hand Pieced

Yes, this quilt was hand pieced by a very patient woman. Lucky for me, she did a great job and her stitches stayed true. The client had washed all the tops before bringing them to me, so the risk was high for this one to fall apart – it did not! Even with all the different fabrics included in this Scrappy Log Cabin, the stitches held tight.

Edge to Edge

The Edge to Edge pattern we chose was “Seamless”. This is a very relaxed pattern that while random seeming, is also organized and adds curvy softness to an otherwise angular design. The overall effect on front and back is perfect for this quilt.

Edge to Edge Patterns

I am quite a fan of log cabin quilts, in fact, I have created quite a few. Check below for more information:

An Elegant Affair – this quilt was later gifted to a long-time friend.

King Cabin Crane

King Cabin Crane

There is also a free pattern link for the King Cabin Crane – Here!

What are your favorite Log Cabin quilts?

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