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Scrappy Disappearing Nine Patch

Scrappy Disappearing 9 Patch

Just a little scrappy disappearing nine patch quilt to help reduce my stash of scraps. I have actually never done this block before, but it was pretty fun! Once again, you will see that I have kept my scraps pretty orderly – I tend to lean toward color blocks. One day I really need to mix it all up, if my OCD can handle it!

Scrappy Beginnings

I am pretty organized as a whole and will prepare my scraps using my Accquilt Go! The processes starts with 4″ squares which I place into ziploc bags by color. Once I get as many as I can, I move down to 2″ squares.

Scraps all packaged and ready to go

Putting the nine patch blocks together

I love my design wall, it is not the largest, but it helps me visualize the designs I am working on. The scrappy disappearing 9 patch fit for the most part.

Hanger Trick

When doing rows that need to be kept orderly, I like to use a pants hanger and let it wait for me over a door. There is nothing worse than putting together rows in a quilt only to find out they were in the wrong order or upside down! The other element to this is taking a picture of the rows on my design wall. The visual along with the orderly way they are stored help to avoid frustration. You know what I mean!

All Pieced together

You can see how the colors play well with the white on white squares. Not quite a chain, but enough for interest. I just wasn’t sure I was in love with how they met up. For this reason, I decided to add sashing.

E2E Pattern

Edge to Edge Patterns
Bubble Bath

I decided to go with a very open and airy pattern so that the quilt didn’t have that densely-quilted feel. I really love how it turned out, and I was excited to show it off to my fellow quilters at the Johnson County Quilt Guild Meeting.

Are scrap quilts intimidating? Sometimes it can be overwhelming to look at a big bag of scraps and wonder how I will ever get through it all! What helps me is to use my Accquilt Go! to pare down the scraps into manageable shapes.

How about some other, fun scrappy quilts?

So, what do you think?

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