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Scarborough Fair 2022

Another season at Scarborough Fair is in the books. As many of you know, hubby and I spend every weekend for two months – April through May at Waxahachie. We enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and the company of friends. We also get to dress up and play! 

I encourage every adult to find a way to play as they get older – this way you never truly age.


Below is a gallery of images taken this year. 

We were truly blessed to have so many amazing images taken. I try my best to recognize the Photographers but sometimes I miss the watermark. Please forgive me.


Below is a list of some of these amazing individuals:


Don Pearce

Ron Wheeler

Scott Fischer

Paul Millsaps

Mike Morgan

Chad Britt

Shawn Haring

Tony Janz

Dennis Hevia

Frank Polgar

Gail Blanchard Dittenber

Ron Smith

Bill Gaston Jr.

Jacob Carranza

Steven Scott

Robert Self

You can also see a video from NBCDFW with lots of images from the fair this year:

Step Back in Time at Scarborough Festival in Waxahachie


Step Back in Time at Scarborough Festival in Waxahachie


What is your passion, and how do you play as an adult?  If you are looking for something fun and exciting, come join us!

So, what do you think?

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