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Save The Bees

When your daughter tells you she doesn’t have enough quilts, you must make quilts!! Save the Bees is for my sweet daughter, Alex. The focal point of this quilt is a panel I found about a year ago at a show. I routinley collect panels and save them for when the right opportunity comes along.

Save the Bees

After finding some amazing fabrics to pair with the panel, now was the time.

Quilt Design

I used my 1 program to construct a custom layout for this quilt.
Save the Bees EQ Layout
Many of the decisions I made on the design were dictated by the fabrics. That amazing stripe was screaming to be a border. The bees and swirl played so well together. And, the black and white on white works for a bee themed quilt.
Finally, adding embroidery to the front serves to bring the panel and borders together as one unit.
Save the Bees embroidery

E2E Quilting

It was time to add some E2E Patterns from Urban Elements so I reached out to see what was available.
Pairing Flowers and Bees with Gold Glide thread was a perfect combination. I will be using this E2E again very soon.
Flowers and Bees

The quilting really adds to this top in many ways.

Save the Bees Close 2
Save the Bees Close 1

Quilt Back and Label

The back of this quilt shows the pattern and texture well. Add to this the black binding and it is framed perfectly.


Save the Bees Back
The label also includes the embroidery design and is just too cute!  Having a nice label can really finish off a quilt.
Save the Bees Label

Last But Not Least

As you may or may not know, we have some very photogenic pups. There was something about this quilt that spoke to Lulu and Loki. They thought this was for them!

Save the Bees Pups 2
Save the Bees Pups 1

Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: Save the Bees
Quilt Size: 62 x 72
E2E Quilting Pattern: Flowers and Bees
Thread: White Glide
Batting: Warm and Natural 80/20
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So, what do you think?

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