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Sassy Squares Wedding Quilt – 2018

My daughter bought four identical Batik jelly roll packs at Joann Fabrics months ago.  The fabric was not girly, in fact, it was more masculine than anything else.  I think this was what drew her to these patterns – they were unique.

What to make?

When the opportunity to use these unique jelly roll strips came along, the next question was just what pattern to use.  Because this quilt would be given as a gift at a wedding shower, the fabrics were a perfect fit – more neutral than girly.

After looking at a variety of more simplistic quit designs, we decided on Sassy Squares.  Of course, I didn’t have a pattern as we found an image on Pinterest we liked. Yes, I know, this is an all-too-familiar scenario, but I would rather go rogue and figure things out for myself!

In order to make this design work, we needed to add an additional background fabric.  In this case, I used one of the beauties that my daughter gave me for Christmas!

Note: The actual jelly roll strips were 2 7/8 inches wide. I am so glad I measured before cutting the background strips.

Quilt Design

The actual blocks from the jelly roll sets are based on triangles.  There are actually only 2 blocks for the internal section. The blocks all have the same elements, but how they are put together makes then unique.

The Finished Quilt

Overall, the quilt was a challenge but ultimately turned out to be a beautiful wedding shower gift.  As you can see, my grand-puppy, Loki, loves to model with the quilts I make!

She is quite photogenic!

The Long Arm Quilting

My daughter chose the quilting pattern as well and after auditioning many different designs, settled on Celtic Sea by Urban Elementz

The sweeping curves was a great addition to the straight line elements of the blocks in this quilt

As you can see, the back was almost as pretty as the front!

In the end, the recipient was so very happy as can be seen by this reveal photo

One Last Thing

Remember when I said that this quilt was a challenge?  I am so glad that we have 4 jelly roll packs to work with because I mangled a few blocks.  This actually was a blessing in disguise as our daughter really hated to give the original quilt away, it turned out that pretty.  This allowed me to make a smaller version for her.  I was also able to use every scrap on the smaller version so now there was no waste!!

This image was taken in high winds which is what contributes to this wavy look, I really did flatten it all out before assembling my wonky blocks!

What challenges are you working on today?


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