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Royal Faux Fur Mantle

Hubby recently asked if I could create a Royal Faux Fur Mantle. I looked at some images online and figured it couldn’t be that hard. The examples I found online were a bit rougher and smaller than I wanted, but they gave me inspiration:

Faux Fur Mantle example 1
Faux Fur Mantle example 2

But first, I needed some Faux Fur!

Design Stage

You can find faux fur online and sometimes at fabric stores. We lucked out and found enough for this project at Joann’s Fabrics. I was dead set on wanting to see and touch the fur before buying it.
There were a few things I wanted to achieve with this project:
  • I wanted the mantle to be lined
  • The entire project needed to look more elegant than rough
  • We wanted to incorporate jewels and chains instead of leather for the front
  • The mantle needed to cover shoulders and go down deep into the back
Next up was drafting a pattern. This was really not hard, but to make it even more of a visual. I cut out the lining in a tight, thin corduroy and draped that over my husband’s shoulders. It was perfect!

Cutting Faux Fur

I learned a lot about strategies for working with faux fur during this project. WARNING: if you just cut straight across, you are going to end up with a lot of fur flying all over the joint.
Instead, you need to go slow and stay between the base of the hair so you are not cutting it off halfway.
Then, because I wanted a fully lined project, it was important to brush the fur inside. The lining I chose helps to keep the mantle from sliding around. The corduroy actually grips from beneath.
Faux Fur Mantle lining

As you can see from the final image, hubby looks very royal indeed!

Royal Fur Mantle Complete
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