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Round Robin 2021

This is my first Round Robin Quilt. I had a couple of people warn me about the pitfalls of these types of projects but it turned out great!
The main concern is with creating a project that included people of many skill levels. Adding to this is the difference in machines and fabrics. Some people evinced frustration at the process and end result, but I had a different outlook.
As I said at the time, my goal was to have a quilt that was made with many hands – hands from my very own guild. I was not worried about perfection but would do my best to make my contribution suitable.
Round Robin 2021

For anyone that wants to take part in one of these, my advice is to enter into it with a smile and lots of patience. If you are lucky enough to have a seasoned person moderating, things will go much smoother as well! But at the end of the day, this is about having fun.

Top Design

My own quilt actually came back a lot smaller than others, but that was OK with me. I was happy to add my own row of paper-pieced blocks to finish it off. I used my Electric Quilt 8 program and added the Twist 7 block.

Twist 7 PP Block

Custom Quilting

I would be fibbing if I said that this quilt was perfectly square and had not other issues. It was made with perfect love, not perfect piecing. This made me love this quilt even more, as many of my own quilts have issues! I was in a comfortable place 🙂
To finish off my Round Robin 2021, custom quilting was the only option. The top was so full of fun little blocks and areas that screamed custom!
First, I isolated a white bar that I wanted to showcase. Using Pink thread (which actually used pretty much throughout) I laid in a pretty border design.
Round Robin Close 1
Round Robin Closeup
The center section also had lots of space for fun custom work, as well as feathers in the borders.  I love my Handiquilter Avante’!

Final Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: JCQG Round Robin 2021
Size: 54 x 58
Quilt Pattern: Custom
If you want to see more projects 
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