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Rosie the Hedgehog

This quilt is TOO CUTE! Once again, I am not sure what the customer would call this quilt, but I dubbed her “Rosie the Hedgehog”.

Rosie the hedgehog

Rosie the Hedgehog is a baby quilt made from adorable pink, purple, grey, and yellow flannels.

E2E Quilting

The owner of this quilt wanted a very specific design – Roses! While she wanted this motif, she didn’t want it all-over dense. Instead, she wanted to see the roses but also leave some loft to the quilt itself.

Pro-Stitcher Layout

You can see rosie peeking out in the image below. So cute!

Rosie the hedgehog close
Rosie the hedgehog close 2

Final Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: Rosie the Hedgehog
Size: 61 x 52
Quilt Pattern: Abstract Rose
Thread: Glide 70217 Pink Lemonade
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