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ROGK Tabards and Gown

When you want to do something special with friends, it can take on a life of its own. the ROGK Tabards and Gown project fits this bill.

ROGK 2022

What is ROGK?

ROGK stands for The Royal Order of Germanic Knights. It all started when one of our members found this simple tabard of black and gold/yellow. The guys then realized how cool the tabards looked with the flags from Eternal Arms! Here they are in parade.

ROGK Parade 2022

Designing the Emblem

The more they talked, the more it became apparent that this sigil belonged with the tabard. This is when I stepped in and offered to see about making a crest. In the meantime, the guys went to work deciding on what to be called.

ROGK Large Logo 2022

After everyone approved of the design, I continued to develop the look. I added a sash design and included everyone’s names.

ROGK Sashes 2022
ROGK Tabard 2022

Time for a Gown

Of course, while I could wear a tabard – you know I do sometimes *wink*, I decided that this time I wanted to be girly. So a new gown was in order. I was a little short on time, so I used the underskirt from the Quilted Gown. The bodice sports the same logo along with custom trim and lots of beads!

ROGK Gown Detail 2022
ROGK Gown 2022

I will be making a separate under skirt with custom quilting to match this gown in the future.

Royal Order of Germanic Knights - Debut

The group decided to meet together at the Bedford Library Medieval Festival event. Our attendance was a huge success! Folks loved the look and our pictures below show how much fun we had!

ROGK Gown and Tabard 2022
Dorthea Gayling Von Illesheim 2022
Expect to see us together again at upcoming fairs.
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