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Custom Renaissance Fair Gown in Russet and Cream

Renaissance Fair Gown

As many of you know, I do not usually create a custom renaissance fair gown for others. While this is true, it did not stop me from creating a custom gown for my daughter, Alexa.

Renaissance Fair Gown

I am excited to see my daughter wear this at the Texas Renaissance Festival.

Renaissance Fair Gown Inspiration

My process for creating new garb begins with inspiration fabrics. These include tapestry fabrics of varying weights and a light weight sheer. The damask used in the bodice is very rich-colored and has a wonderful underside as well. The fabric for the over skirt is light and flowy with embroidered flowers throughout.

Custom renaissance fair gown fabrics and trim

I love to pull bolts down and audition for a new project, there are so many possibilities.

Gown Construction

On the bodice itself, the motif is centered both on the front and the back. This creates a lovely effect. Anyone who sews in this manner also knows that this utilizes a great deal more fabric.

Bodice detail of custom renaissance fair gown
Custom Renaissance Fair Gown Back View

Each sleeve shows a pattern that matches both horizontal and vertical. I chose not to line the hanging sleeves because the inside pattern was as lovely as the out.

Drop sleeve detail for custom renaissance fair gown

The underskirt boasts a matching fabric to the bodice as it peeks out the over skirt. The fabric for the over skirt is a sumptuous and flowy and covered in embroidery. I have not addressed this embroidery yet, but intend to add beading or gems to each flower center.

Gown Embellishments

The icing on the cake is the attention paid to the trims on any project. This gown in russet and gold shines even brighter with the addition of trim.

Alex Gown 2020 Detail

If you look close, there are many elements that combine to create the final look. On the base is a wide-format lace with a small lace ribbon adorned with beads. On top of all that are cabochons that are in a deep burgundy and antique gold. Together, these elements create great impact.

All the Other Stuff

For many of us, the journey isn’t over when the gown is complete. There are other elements to add like bags, goblets, parasols, hats, gloves and the list goes on and on.

About a week before this gown was complete, I was walking around a local flea market. The moment I spied these goblets, I knew the rose color would be a perfect match.

Beautiful Rose Goblet

This gown in russet and gold could not be complete without a custom, matching bag. I used both the damask and the embroidered fabric. The result is both beautiful and functional.

Bag and detail of custom renaissance fair gown

What’s Next?

The next gown on my radar will be for sale. Yes, it is time to make this next step. I have chosen the style – Thana and the fabrics as pictured.

Renaissance Gown Thana Style

What I need next is to decide on the size. I will be choosing from the following:

  • 12-14
  • 16-18
  • 20-22

My hope is to get some feedback between the different social media platforms so it is easier to choose.

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