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Red and White All Over

Such a fun and easy quilt. Red and white all over was not a quilt I chose to do, I felt a need to create it. Let me explain.

Red and white all over

The origin of this quilt starts with a bag of fabric blocks. One of my co-workers came to my desk one day with a Walmart bag. She told me that these were from her mom’s estate but she has no use for them. I thanked her and took the bag. This was just before my 2-week vacation over the Christmas holidays.

The Design

When I had time to go through the bag, I noticed that there were 3 fabrics – red, white and red/white polka dots. While the fabric was cut in squares, these were not the same size nor square.
Before I settled on a pattern, I knew that I wanted to make something for my friend to remember her mother by. I also wanted this to be simple so the polka dot fabric didn’t get all chopped up.
I decided on a mixture of 6.5″ squares in polka dot and corresponding hourglass blocks for the red and white. After using the symmetry tool in EQ8 to audition some different layouts, I decided on this one:
red and white all over deisgn

This design has the right mixture of simplicity and style for this quilt. I named it Red and White All Over.

E2E Quilting

Up close you can see how this quilting motif softens all the hard lines and adds another element. This and other designs can be found on my E2E Design Page.
red and white all over close

Quilt Back

I pieced the back using fabrics I had on hand. The middle stripe of red also includes gold dots. This is the same fabric that I used for the binding.

red and white all over back

And finally, I added a label with the quilt name and year to mark when it was made.

red and white all over label

Final Stats

Quilt Name: Red and White all over
Size: 56 x 67
E2E Pattern: Abstract Rose
Thread: Super White Glide
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