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Rail Fence Stars

Rail Fence Stars

Looking back at some projects I completed a while ago, I found Rail Fence Stars. It was curious that I did not post about this cute, and easy quilt before so this will remedy that.

Rail Fence Stars

Rail Fence Stars, as I said is a very simple quilt that incorporates two basic blocks:

Block 1 – Rail Fence

Rail Fence Block
Rail Fence Block

I love this block because it is so easy to use in just about any project. It’s impact is always very well received

Block 2 – Star

This block is equally simple and can be done raw-edge or needle-turn.

Rail Fence Star Block
Star Block

I chose to do raw-edge applique this time – I had not ventured into my Needle-turn phase yet 🙂

Edge to Edge Quilting

The quilting for this project was just as simple and fun. I chose to use red-white-blue variegate thread and a linear edge to edge pattern “Stars and Stripes” I felt the name was apt as well. Because this quilt is patriotic, if created in an appropriate size and following all other requirements, could make a great QOV project.

Edge to Edge Patterns
Stars and Stripes


Not only have I decided to blog about this project, even if it is a little late, I am also presenting it as another FREE PATTERN.

Rail Fence Stars Pattern

Do you have a favorite patriotic quilt pattern?

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