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Creating your own Quilt Templates

Rolling Star Quilt Block





There are times when we decide to create our own designs and the rotary cutting is just out of the range of usefulness.  I would rather use quilt templates than do this much math! What I mean is that the image below hurts my head:

Rotary cutting for Rolling Star

Rotary Cutting directions for Rolling Star Block












So, what’s the alternative? Create your own Templates!


The same program I used that provided the rotary cutting diagrams

(Electric Quilt 7) also provides templates.

Block Templates

The block I am working on here actually has two pages of quilt templates and they are not very large.  Luckily, I have found a great solution.  I use stick glue and comic book cards.

Comic Book Card stock

Yes, these are the same cards that so many folks use to store their fabric, but I find that they are so useful for templates as well.  They can be found on easily and are a great help.

The process is very simple.

  1. glue your templates to the card stock
  2. cut them out at the cutting line (the dotted outer line) not the sewing line (the solid inner line)
  3. Use your favorite marking tool to transfer them to your fabric
  4. cut the fabric pieces out and store them with your template.

Quilt Templates using Glue Stick

Card Stock Templates

Card Stock Templates

Quilt Templates

I use chalk and permanent markers when transferring the image.  The marker, tho permanent, does not cause any issues, you are using it for the cutting line, not the sewing line. The small amount left will not be seen and because I use a fine tip marker, the size of my templates are much more exact.

Block Templates

The last step is to paperclip them together and place them in a ziploc bag.  I will be using these on retreat, so they can just relax for a bit – I will get to them in a couple weeks.  I am tentatively calling this quilt “Blue Flower Garden” but who knows what I will be calling it by the time it is complete.  I promise to share the finished project!

Blue Flower Garden 2017

Blue Flower Garden 2017


I will be adding applique flowers to the right side of this quilt, should be fun!

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