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The Quilt Barn

The Quilt Barn

The Quilt Barn

The Quilt Barn

Our recent adventures took us to Waco, TX and the home of the Quilt barn. The goal was to find grunge fabrics for an upcoming banner project. I was not disappointed! But what we did not expect was everything else this location had to offer.

Our first stop was the Quilt barn, we spent a bit of time also investigating the different shops and craft buildings. Not only were the displays beautiful – the grounds held a special charm.

Next, we headed out to explore what comes next. Homestead Craft Village is a must-see if you are in the area. Every building was complemented by crafted items made at the different shops. From ironworks to woodworking, there was not a corner of these shops that didn’t have a custom feel.

Lunch was relaxing and delicious.  I can’t wait to go visit one of my new, favorite quilt shops again!  

One More Thing….

I mentioned that I was heading out to buy fabric, and I did!  I found the perfect fabrics for a new Banner Quilt to commemorate all the present issues with Covid 19.  

All I’ll say about the banner is that it will be something different and fun.

What Are Banner Quilts?

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