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Quilts of Valor 1 – 2019

One thing I love about quilting is the ability to support our brave men and women who serve our country so bravely. Each Quilt of Valor I am honored to finish fills me with joy. This segment – Quilts of Valor 1 will showcase three such quilts.

All three of these quits were created by the same individual, the first two are quite similar, but both are lovely. They came from the Farmersville Quilt Guild.

It is amazing how similar yet different these quilts are.

The third was much different but no less beautiful.

Edge to Edge Quilting – Quilts of Valor

I normally allow customers to choose the design they want quilted on their creations. In this situation; however, I was asked to choose. I did not want to take away from the beautiful designs created by the piecer. This is why I chose a simple, yet patriotic pattern that I used on all 3.

Ginger Star is a beautiful floating edge to edge pattern that is beautiful on the front and the back without overtaking the quilt itself.

One way that we can give back to those that do so much for us is to assist with Quilts of Valor. If you want to become part, speak with your local quilt guild. Another way is to check out the QOV website.

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