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Purple Passion

I have always thought these maze quilts were so mesmerizing. I’m not sure I have the patience to put one together! Purple Passion may inspire me to break out of my comfort zone.

Purple Passion

The Purple Passion Plan

The plan for this quilt was to stitch in the ditch. At first, I had my reservations. Anyone that understands ruler work and stitch in the ditch will tell you that it can be a challenge.
If you need an illustration, look at one of your pieced tops (before quilting). Notice how the pieces meet. Unless you press open your seams, there will always be a high and low joint. If you do press open, you are then quilting along an open seam which invites all sorts of issues.

Other Elements to Consider

  1. Very few quilts have razor-sharp seams. This is due to human error, fabric interactions, bias issues, and other considerations.
  2. Choosing a thread color when light and dark fabrics meet can be problematic.
  3. Even using a ruler, there is the human element involved when quilting

Thread Choice

It is because of the elements below that we decided to go with a monofilament thread on top. As you can see from the bottom of the quilt, the ditch work looks very pretty from the reverse.

Purple Passion 2

In an attempt to make the “maze” elements stand out, we agreed to only quilt the white sections. As you can see from the back of the quilt, this was a very successful choice.

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