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Purple Dot Explosion

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Here is another charm pack quilt that grew organically on my design wall. Purple Dot Explosion is made from some charm packs I had on hand. The charm packs had different varieties of dots so it took some time to find a pleasing layout. In the end, I love the contract and movement.


This is also a quilt that is part of my Cousin Quilt series. This one went to Jim.

Purple Dot Explosion

Recently, I showed this off at our Johnson County Quilt Guild meeting, the image is below.

Purple Dot Explosion JCQG

E2E Quilting

No one E2E pattern really spoke to me on this one so I decided on something simple. The dots reminded me of rain; therefore, Raindrops E2E it was!

I was very pleased with the result. The dots and swirly fabric were busy enough, and the E2E didn’t add to the chaos.

Purple Dot Explosion Close

Quilt Back

The backing for this quilt came from my stash of Marshall Dry Goods backings. It is quite busy, so don’t strain yourself looking for the quilting back there!

Purple Dot Explosion Back

I love the challenge of looking at my stash and deciding on a new project. Do you use your stash exclusively or buy for each project?

Quilt Stats:

Quilt Name: Purple Dot Explosion
Quilt Size: 72 x 72
Quilting Pattern: Raindrops
Thread: 10002 Super White Glide
Batting: Warm & Natural 80/20
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