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Purple Daisy Squares

A sweet customer of mine brought this quilt top in for a friend. Not every quilt is pieced perfectly, and that’s ok! Purple Daisy Squares is simple but beautiful.
The color and textures of these fabrics are so beautiful.
Purple Daisy Squares


The customer chose one of my favorite E2E patterns – DBD Daisies from Urban Elementz.
Edge to Edge Patterns
This pattern served two purposes:
  1. This E2E complimented the design very well
  2. This pattern was also dense enough to secure even some of the most fidgety seams
Remember, there are no bad quilts! When this one came off the long arm, this was a very true statement. Here is an image of the quilting up close.
Purple Daisy Squares Close

Quilt Back

The back of this quilt was fabulous and could serve dual duty.

Purple Daisy Squares Back

Depending on the backing fabric, the quilting can show or not. When it does, there is something special about the quilt.

Final Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: Purple Daisy Squares
Size: 92 x 85
Quilt Pattern: DBD Daisies
Thread: 10CG3 Cool Grey 3 Glide
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