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Puppy Quilt

Everyone needs a quilt – Right? That is why I decided to make a puppy quilt!

I began by making a special quilt for my new puppy – LuLu Bear. The goal was to have something that the breeder could use when taking growth pictures. I used a simple design of 4″ finished blocks for LuLu’s first puppy quilt

LuLu's Quilt

LuLu’s puppy quilt is not very big, but does include her name and birth date – she was born 2/22/2019. The front is a variety of pink fabrics while the back is a cute pink skull design.

Mateo’s Mini’s Quilt

After seeing how cute LuLu’s quilt was, I thought it would be great to make one that our breeder – Mateo’s Mini’s – could use to take pictures of future litters. The trick was what type of fabric to use.

I decided to use the pinks like before on one side – and also included their name. The other side I did in blues.


Everyone knows how difficult it is to match the front and back of a quilt on a long-arm. Because this was a very small quilt, I felt I could make it happen. The first thing I did was to make the borders on one side larger than the other.

Next, I pinned the sandwich, matching all the outside seams as best I could. Then I continued to pin-baste the entire sandwich.

Because the size was quite small, I could then baste all of it on the long-arm and then remove the pins. It worked!

My goal was to give Angie her own quilt so that when she wanted to take pictures of new boy and girl puppies, she could. I think it turned out super cute.

In the meantime….

In the meantime, LuLu visited our local quilt guild (Johnson County Quilt Guild) and had so much fun that she crashed mid-meeting.

Princess LuLu Bear = Napping while the meeting goes on around her.

And not to be out done – Lokie, our grand-puppy, loves to pose on quilts as well. Just check out the post below!

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