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Puppy Love is a quilt inspired by fabric and applique.  Every now and again, I sit down with either Electric Quilt 8 and/or a pencil and paper to map out future projects.  I find that by having some projects mapped out, I can move straight into sewing when I have the time.

In addition, I love to have some projects ready and on hand when I know a retreat is coming up.


Fabric, Pinterest, Need – These are my favorite types of inspiration, and you will see that the three projects I just mapped out fall into each of these categories.  Today, I will preview the first of these projects.  I will write about the other two in future posts.


The first project was inspired by fabric.  I bought both these fabrics a while back just knowing I wanted to use them together.  Recently, I bought some heart dyes from Accuquilt.  This was the inspiration I needed to create

Puppy Love


The fabric I spoke of is so cute!  As you can see, I used stock fabrics on the design above.  In reality, the fabrics have a better contrast so will be less muddy than the design.  I can “see” in my own mind how the fabrics will play, so I don’t fuss much about the actual fabrics when I am doing the digital design.

Compiling information for a future date

It doesn’t matter if I am going to do the project now, or at some later date, I always create a folder for swatches, patterns, images and a quilting data sheet.

In this case, I actually have two versions to pick from.

As I said, having projects mapped out for the future is a great way to be prepared for retreats.  By having everything in one place, I can easily be prepared for days of fun with fellow quilters.

NOTE:  As I am writing this post and looking at the images above, I have decided that I need to do a “random applique” in this quilt.  One of the larger hearts will actually end up being a red paw print.  This makes my heart happy.

My next post will feature another future quilt: Flying High Patriotic

How do you prepare for future projects?

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