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Navy/Plaid Lined Cloak – $200

Beautiful Navy Blue hooded clock with Green/Blue plaid lining.  The tight weave and durable outer works well to repel dirt and moisture on it’s own but can easily be waterproofed.

In addition, the gorgeous Celtic pewter clasp is as durable as it is beautiful – for man or woman, this is the perfect garb addition.

$200 plus shipping


Katherine Gold 20 – $400

This elegant gown can be worn by size 20 and up due to the amount of lacing room in the bodice and the fullness of the skirt.

Size: 20 – but can fit full busted and larger sizes easily

This gown features:

  • Two-tone underskirt with band and tie
  • Bodice with poofy sleeves and trim
  • Fully lined bodice with tie back
  • Every element of this gown has been fussy cut to make all segments match.
  • Tabs are cut with matching motifs
  • *Headpiece and jewelry not included

Andrea Brick 24 – $400 – SOLD

This beautiful gown features a brick red textured main fabric with contrasting print.  The print shows through the front of the underskirt as well as sleeve linings.  All fabric is medium weight and durable.

Size: Pattern 24 – but fits 20+ nicely with lots ways to adjust

This gown features:

  • Two-tone underskirt
  • Overdress with laced bodice
  • Bodice sleeves connect with cord and are very adjustable
  • Detachable Sleeves
  • Sleeves are fully lined and can be turned up
  • Over sized underskirt allows for full hoop coverage
  • One-of a kind look that will not be reproduced
  • Small gold trim with hand-sewn bead accents (over 600 beads)
  • Wide trim in gold and brick

Example Only
Example Only
Full Gown - SOLD
Full Gown – SOLD