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Princess Quilt 2022

Yay! A baby Quilt! Princess Quilt 2022 was pretty specific. Grandpa needed a quilt that spoke to his new special person.

Princess Quilt 2022

Quilt Inspiration

Luckily, I was given lots of guidance. Here is the inspiration that Grandpa sent me. Of course, he found it on Pinterest:
Princess Quilt Inspiration
The overall design was not too complicated. What made this quilt special was all the additional items.
First, not just any Disney princesses would do. It was required that diversity take center stage as Addison is 1/4 Filipino. The acquisition of these fabrics took some time and a little ingenuity but in the end, I was successful.

Design Process

As with many of the quilts I create for customers, I employed EQ8. Below is the final draft of the quilt showing the actual fabrics I located:

Princess Quilt Final

Next up was a request to include custom embroidery on the bottom border.

Princess Quilt 2022 Border Embroidery

E2E Quilting

Grandpa loved the Daisies Edge to Edge pattern. He also chose Cotton Candy Glide which is perfect for a little girl.

Edge to Edge Patterns
Princess Quilt 2022 Close 1

Custom Label

The final element to make this quilt complete is the label. In this case, grandpa had a lot to say!

Princess Quilt Label

I will say that this little girl has one amazing grandfather. I hope she feels loved whenever she uses her new quilt.

Quilt Stats:

Quilt Name: Princess Quilt 2022
Quilt Size: 36 x 52
Quilting Pattern: Daisies
Thread: Cotton Candy Glide
Batting: Warm & Natural 80/20
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