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President’s Day

Recently, the Johnson County Quilt Guild decided to join many others in supporting Quilts of Valor. One of our first submissions is a President’s Day Quilt. The fabrics in this one are so patriotic. They feature so many of our past presidents

QOV President's Day

E2E Quilting

Because the fabrics are the star of the show, I chose an old standard “Ginger Star” E2E quilting.

As you can see by this close up image, the choice was perfect.
President's Day Close

The panels and fabrics in this quilt have so much to say. I did not feel that I should add to that narrative.

President's Day Back

The pieced backing of this quilt was as amazing as the front. I found myself drawn to the patriotic baseball theme.

President's Day Back

When you create a QOV or other themed quilt, do you also invest so much time in the backing?

Final Quilt Stats

Quilt Name: President’s Day QOV
Size: 82 x 64
E2E Pattern: Ginger Star
Thread: 3006 Omni Light Tan

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